Bill Weckesser

Investment Strategist, Founder

Bill has been securities and insurance licensed since 1986.  He’s seen a lot.  The Reagan Bull Market, the Crash of ’87, the Dot-Com Bubble, Y2K, the Gulf War and the Great Recession, all found him helping and advising his clients.  Over those years he’s helped his clients navigate major changes to the financial markets as well as the financial services industry.  His practice has been built on a foundation of long-term client service.  A primary focus has been on investing for income and growth, particularly strategies for retirement investing.  With the addition of his daughter Katie and son Keegan, he’s better able to serve his clients and pass along some lessons from “the school of hard-knocks.”  He and his wife live in East Lansing but enjoy getting up to northern Michigan.

Phone (517) 333-2121